Wednesday, 6 July 2011

How to Add Meaning to Your Life... With Only a Moderate Chance of Injury or Death


Perhaps you can relate. In 2003 I was sitting at work in a boring office job, realising the years were starting to slip by, and wondered, “Is this it?”

I was in my late twenties, when photography was just a hobby for me. I had a university degree, a comfortable job, an attractive girlfriend, enough income to get by. I should be happy. Yet I couldn’t get away from the nagging feeling that something was missing.

All this stuff had just kind of happened to me. I hadn’t planned it. And now that I was comfortable, I was coasting. I realised that unless I did something to break the routines, the rest of my life would be exactly the same. I needed to inject some meaning. I needed to feel alive. I made a decision to do something about it.


Two weeks later I was sitting in the open doorway of a plane thousands of feet in the air, hearing the wind blasting past, seeing the ground far below. I had trained all weekend for this moment, yet when the instructor yelled “In the door!” all I could do was stare at him in disbelief. Surely this was all an elaborate, surreal joke and I wasn’t actually expected to go through with it. Then in a daze I found myself sliding across the floor of the plane and dangling my legs out of the door until I was sitting right on the edge.

“Jump!” Before I knew it I was falling through the skies above Cambridgeshire. Soon after I felt the jolt and found myself looking up breathless at the parachute canopy above me. I was free, I was flying.

A few minutes later, walking on shaky legs back across the field towards the hangar with a bundle of parachute cloth in my arms, I smiled the biggest grin of my life.


Fast forward to 2011. I am a professional fashion photographer and living my dream lifestyle. The journey from frustrated nerdy office worker to adventurer and free spirit hasn't been easy, but now I travel the world, hang out with models and do what I love for a living.

You can do this too. With whatever you're passionate about.

Skydiving is not the answer. The insane stunts my characters in The Dare Ring do definitely aren’t the answer. The way to add meaning to your life and feel more alive (without risking injury or death!) is a subtle shift of attitude, a decision to seek out adventure and the unwillingness to settle for a life that is merely ‘okay’.

What can you do to make today count?

When you find yourself doing something outside your routines, something that is adventurous for you, I’d love to hear from you. You can message me via the contact button here:

For anyone curious about The Dare Ring, see my next blog post, which is a short, exciting excerpt from the novel.

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  1. Titus, I so know what you mean. About five years ago, I sat in Germany and thought I need to change something, I wasn't happy.

    I booked a one-way ticket to London, had about 500 pounds saved and was prepared to do whatever it takes to survive in London. Luckily I found a job (not working there anymore), but I feel much happier than I did five years ago.

    By the way: I'd LOVE to do a parachute jump, but I guess I'll butt out.

    You have my respect.